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To the sweat run down my american balls


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Loki died with honor. I shall try to live the same. Is that not legacy enough?

You alright?
Not really, Pete. I’m dying.


Happy Fall.

Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #5

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mary jane watson or gwen stacy?


Thor vs Loki

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Title: I've Got No Strings
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Darling, this pink IPod doesn’t match with your eyes. I would have recomended a green one






And now Chris Evans with the weather. Chris?


Thank you, Chris. In other news… Odin has once again fallen into Odinsleep and the princes are, once again, throwing one of the wildest parties this side of the Nine Realms… The damage expenses are expected to be in the millions of Jotuns…

Now we’ll turn over to Jeremy Renner with Sports. Are you having fun out there, Jeremy?


Oh… okay then, thanks Jeremy for that in-depth response.

And now Robert Downey Jr with the stock report.


And now to conclude with Odin
It’s a beautiful day and Loki’s still adopted 

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Ok, I’m probably the last one to notice this, but even if I am, I’m bringing it up again bc it’s very important and very sad and I need to cry about it.

I’ve seen this scene about 50 times now and not once did I bother to take a closer look at Bucky. Specifically, his eyes. I always thought he was looking at Schmidt or in the general direction of the two while I focused on Steve’s face and what was happening. Now, obv, Steve is looking at Schmidt bc he’s being confronted and all that. But look at Bucky. Compare his gaze in the 4th gif to Steve’s. It’s not trained on Schmidt. He’s looking directly at Zola and his face looks like a mixture of fear, anger and like he’s gonna puke. All of which would make sense after you imagine the shit Zola put him through on that table before Steve showed up. Just try to imagine one scenario that could be happening in his head here. Like reliving the parts where they tortured him and experimented on him, slowly took away the control of his own mind, tried to take his memories so he had to keep reminding himself who he was and began the process of turning him into god only knew what. When Steve found Bucky, he looked like he had no idea what was going on around him. No awareness that the alarm went off, soldiers abandoning their posts, the doctors scurrying off to safety. He didn’t realize he was alone in the room and no one was looking after him anymore. He just repeated his name and number over and over again and if Steve hadn’t found him, he’d have went down with the building while completely lost to his surroundings. After Steve got him out I imagine he didn’t have much time to dwell on the things they did to him. Until now. Until he saw Zola’s face and it hit him like a truck and the result was that face above.
Little did he know that even if they do get out of here alive, he was eventually gonna end up right back where he was and Zola would get to finish what he started and if that doesn’t fuck you up…i don’t even. fuck this movie and fuck these characters i did not sign up for this pain

But look at Zola

He stops and stares at Bucky. Out of surprise, of course, but it’s not cursory. He doesn’t look at Bucky as if he was simply another POW Erskine’s soldier has rescued.

He’s looking at his test results. He’s collecting data. He knows that Barnes should have never been able to climb off the table. He shouldn’t be standing. He probably shouldn’t even be conscious! Much less keep up with a successful serum test subject. Zola knows in that moment that his research is valid. It’s been proven. He can replicate it if need be.

He also now knows that Barnes is important to the American. He sought Barnes out specifically. And later, when he finds out they both survived, that Barnes did not return to America, but is still on the front lines with the Captain, he makes a note of that as well.

Bucky didn’t become HYDRA’s when he fell, he was HYDRA’s new secret weapon when Steve rescued him.



Her message is as follows:

This is my twin sister. In Korea, her name was Koh, Yoen Ok. Her birthdate is also April 16,1980. She also was sent to Ilmagwon orphanage. She was also adopted through David Livingstone Missionary Foundation (now Eastern Child Welfare Society) in Korea, at the age of 5. Right now, I have a new friend reaching out to Eastern Child Welfare to hopefully find out more!! In the meantime—She could be anywhere in this world. Ask around. Contact me: shortymk@yahoo.com . I also wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. What a great opportunity I have had, to chat with people from all around the globe! I pray for all of us looking for our families and our histories. I am keeping the faith! Thank you, Daniel Hyung Joon Kim, for all of your help! Share and like! I know a lot of people wanted to see updates!

Thanks everyone for all the help, we still need to keep looking, spread the word!